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Randy as president of Hillsdale Construction, has 35 years experience in the natural gas industry. He manages the construction fleet, overseeing maintenance and purchasing of equipment. 
Contact: 724.541.5556

Richard (Rick) Frantz


Rick, treasurer of Hillsdale Construction, gives his attention to the financial side of the business. He oversees the scheduling of construction projects and management of projects. He ensures that jobs are completed on time and to the high quality standards set by Hillsdale Construction.
Contact: 724-422-2736

Ryan Frantz

Project Manager

Ryan as a construction manager and overseeing site construction of various projects including well pad construction and compressor stations.  He is a member of a team involved in analysis and bidding of projects.  Ryan is a purchase manager of equipment and our truck fleet.
Contact: 814.243.6724

Matt Frantz

Project Manager

Matt manages construction sites including well pad construction and impoundments.  He leads the team in bidding projects, as well as heading up procurement operations.
Contact: 724.422.2742

Office Team

Accounting & General Services

Contact: 724.254.2760


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